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Solar Lights Outdoor Wall Mounted - Enter to Win here: http://Win.LiteFlash.com

Every Friday we are randomly picking a new winner to receive this new 20 LED Solar Light with Motion Sensors and three modes of operation!

These solar lights outdoor wall mounted units are easy to mount and are waterproof. A motion sensor senses when someone or something walks by and turns on the light. There is a 4 position switch in the back that provides three modes of operation:

1) Off during the day and turns on bright at night without motion control.

2) Off during the day and turns on dim at night. It also comes on bright when motion is detected for 15-seconds or longer if people are still in the area.

3) Off during the day and comes on bright when motion is detected but, no dim light. Bright light stays on for 15-seconds or longer if people are still in the area.

Bright light stays on for 4-6 hours after fully charged for 7-8 hours under the sun. These solar lights are durable and will save energy for many years. Internal rechargeable battery is included.

If you're searching for a solar light outdoor wall mounted system, this unit is all you need. Motion is detected within a 120 deg angle and about 20 ft in distance.

Enter to win your free solar light here: http://Win.LiteFlash.com

Solar Panel - 5.5V 1W
Rated Power - 2.2 Watts
Waterproof - IP65
LED quantity - 20
Battery spec - 3.7V 2000 to 2200mAh
Size - 173mm x 116mm x 42mm
weight - 8.5 oz
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